Best 5 countries to immigrate in 2020

Immigration is common procedure practiced among the youth all over the country. Nowadays, we can see people immigrating to one or the other countries. The process of immigration is the highest and the most leading factor that is been practiced with greatest speed each passing day.

There are many reasons for people to immigrate to other country, leaving all the known factors behind. Few of them can be: Searching for the economic opportunities, due to the political conditions, better higher education, and business purposes or for being permanent or temporary migrants.

What immigration actually is?

This is the process to move from one country to another country, to settle or to get citizenship of other country. Also this can be done for employment as a migrated worker or temporarily as a foreign worker. Some migrate due to relationships, because they are the dependents of a particular person. Such as children, parents or spouse, have to migrate with the main applicant.

Immigration benefits the economic conditions of both, sending as well as the receiving countries. It has a positive effect on the human capital formation of the sending country and skilled workers hence help in leading the greater economic growth and improvements in welfare of the receiving country.

Here we have listed top best 5 countries which can be chosen by the immigrants from anywhere.

  1. Canada

Canada is the most demanding country and is one of the best countries to immigrate. It has the most positive immigration policies all over the world. The Government of Canada have planned to admit lakh of immigrants each year from all over the globe. The country embraces multicultural immigrants.

Canada provides you easy and successful migration with your full family. Free educational and medical facilities are most eyes catching. IT (Information Technology) sector for software professionals is full of opportunities. Also Canadian government provides the citizenship within the three years of arrival with permanent residence status. We can get citizenship of Canada beholding the citizenship of our own country, dual citizenship. Government Welfare benefits can also be enjoyed, which are old age insurance, free medical facilities, unemployment insurance, social welfare allowance, pension plan, childcare benefits as well as education and health system.

Canada is immigrant friendly with high ratio of foreign born citizens. It is a multicultural country. Canadian lifestyle is based on the foundation of freedom. Canada is one of the peaceful nation with low rates in crime and it also promotes equal opportunity to all in all areas of life. Canada is ranked the second best country in the world for its overall sustainability. It has high quality of life, economic influence, cultural influence as well as entrepreneurship. Small population, safe country with enormous quantities of the natural resources to live in.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand is situated in the south-western Pacific Ocean. It is a sovereign island country. The relaxed living or the kiwi life, if you are one of such kind of a person than New Zealand could be the best choice for you. The citizens here are friendly, open and accepting, the outdoors here are beautiful and the relaxed lifestyle is the best in the world.

The most beautiful in a dramatic and eye catching scenery you can explore around yourself. The landscapes, glaciers, lush green hills, mountains, valleys, rest assured silent beaches, and even active volcanoes are some of the beauty that could only be figured out in this country.

New Zealand is rich in its culture. Outdoor lifestyle is very adventurous .New Zealand has a very low population and consists almost acres of untouched wilderness, which can provide the space and facilities for many. This enviable population density could be one of the best reasons to immigrate to New Zealand. This country has a plenty of job opportunities for skilled experts, there is huge demand of skilled migrants. You can get work residence and can apply for citizenship after two years of work residency. This country is warmer, which means the summers are warm and winters are mild. It mainly lashes the green landscapes and receives a real amount of rainfall.

New Zealand holds a multicultural society, as the immigration is being welcomed by the country. It is a developed country and ranks high in quality of life, health, education, protection as well as economic freedom. New Zealand consists of a constitutional monarchy along with the parliamentary democracy. It has the strong presence among the Pacific Island countries.

3. Germany

Germany is also a favourable country we can immigrate to. The well performing of their economy, their educational system and also the employment opportunities and the basic reasons why people are getting attracted towards this country and willing to get a chance to move to Germany. Immigration to Germany needs a valid reason as for employment, education, entrepreneurs, and family reunions or may be getting a residence permit.


The strong economic and welfare system of Germany leads the increase in numbers of immigrants to the country. Other reasons are the jobs, employment is available for all the people, and it provides lots of opportunities to the unemployed with good salaries. The environment is really very clean, cultural attractions, availability of good public transport as well as low rates in crime, are few aspects that Germany is getting in demand for immigration.

More reasons to immigrate to Germany may include: Germany has nine different borders sharing, which means there are nine countries that you could move to for munching. Germany when compared to other countries is cheap to live in, this means you can save a lot even after spending on your dinners and parties. The snow covered mountains to the beaches, Germany have beautiful and breathtaking views all around. Germany is the country where you can get ease of getting jobs with lots of public holidays. Unemployment is lowest rated in Germany.

4. Australia

Australia is the country which has stability in its economy rate. There is lack of well qualified and skilled workers in Australia. There are lots of jobs available which could appreciate your skills.


Australia enjoys a high quality lifestyle with low in population. Natural landscapes and the beautiful scenery is the eye and heart catching vies around. The country renowned for their very friendly nature. People who are skilled have a bright future and lots of opportunities in-hold for themselves.

The quality of life, the growing economy of the country, high wages paid for the work, the education system, health care system, its multicultural nature and its natural beauty are few reasons that we could immigrate to Australia. Australia provides PR and people prefer to immigrate to Australia due to its destinations, job opportunities, educational institutions (said to be the best in the world) and also because it is said to be an ideal country to raise your family.

This country has been ranked the second best for its quality of life in the world.

5. Brazil

Brazil has increased in their number of immigrants only after the expansion of the economy, especially in the period of the large coffee plantation. Though Brazil is not a developed country yet, but is considered as a developing country. You can find economic benefits from the immigrated entrepreneur, who could provide with the new opportunities, jobs and business ideas. There is need of skilled and talented professionals to hold on the opportunities and maintain the growth which could attract even more successful people globally.

Brazil permitted many immigrants from all over the world and welcomes them openly. This helped to boost the urbanization and industrialization with the growth in agriculture rate as well.

If you want Brazilian citizenship you need to hold the Brazilian visa first, should be over 18 years of age, knowing to read and also write in Portuguese and living in Brazil for at least four years.

Summing up all together, you have many options to immigrate and settle in other countries. Top best 5 are listed above. People with better and professional skills could benefit the country economic rate and could get better opportunities with higher paid jobs and immense number of opportunities. Better educational system, religious freedom, better lifestyle and living conditions are few reasons for immigration. You can research and study, know your potential and requirements, than apply for the suitable country to immigrate.

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