Business And Residence In Turkey 2019 -20

Turkey :

Turkey is a nation which is situated in the eastern Europe and in the western Asia with mix of many European and Asian culture. Turkey is the member of UN, EEC,IMF, NATO,WORLD BANK, OECD,OSCE, BSEC,OIC AND G-20 NATIONS
It has a good economy and secular stable politics.
If you want to settle down in turkey, i suggest to read this article which will help you to settle your business there.

this image is representing about turkey article

Business in Turkey:

Turkey has lot of business opportunities in itself,
Agriculture and pasture the main enterprises of turkey.
Wheat is the Main Corporation and it is growing 45% faster. Even cotton, wool, tobacco, are also growing the export business from turkey
Apart mineral substances here are coal, lignite, iron, copper, manganese, lead, zinc, chrome and emery; but lignite, iron and chrome are highly produced.

Economy :
Turkey is one among the 20 richest countries in the world and its economical condition being stronger year by year because of money investment from other countries in many sectors. Specially in few one
Real estate: today its booming sector of turkey, it’s growing from the speed of 150% every year. The revenue generation in real estate is more profitable comparative to the other Asian countries now a day in Turkey

representing economy

Education :
Turkey has a brilliant education system.
Primary and secondary school education is free in schools through the finance of state government of Turkey. Between the age groups of 6 to 18. In 2001 the number of enrollment in school was 100 percent. There are more than 166 universities in turkey. In 2002 the total expenses on education was $13.4 billion through government of Turkey.
There are also many segments where investment can be done with lots of profit revenue in Turkey like:

Salt Production Company:
Turkey is the 15 largest salt producing country in the world, it averages production is 4,000,000 metric tones per year. Turkey is surrounded by sea on its three sides, so the salt production from the sea is gaining importance thus making a profitable business. Crystallizing, evaporation, salt excavation and storage, you can even carry out this process on a small scale serving your intimidate community

representing salt

Open a tourism agency:
Turkey has become most visit able country in the world so starting a tourism agency is a very profitable business in the country, I suggest for new entrepreneurs to start the tourism business in turkey, Due to the short distance of turkey from Europe and Asia people from both the countries travels throughout the year crossing turkey and it’s the most visited country due to its location.


Hazelnut farming and exportation:
Turkey is responsible for about 80% of the world’s production and export of hazelnut. You only need to identify countries that need this nut and start negotiating export terms with them. It’s easy and profitable in a huge amount.


Supply Vehicle parts:

around 75 million people is a great market of turkey and most people have their own vehicle
So supplying auto parts can be very profitable business there.
The largest automotive companies such as Ford, Fiat, Renault, Toyota, Hyundai, Mercedes, Citroen, etc., have factories in the country, thus helping in the steady supply of vehicles can be helpful for oneself.

vehicle parts

Produce medical equipment:

Turkey has announced its universal medical health care system in 2008 and the government of turkey is trying to improve its medical care sector especially in the construction of hospital and medical equipment manufacturing. Investment in health care system or in equipment manufacturing can give you a huge profit in this era.

medical equipment

Mine natural stone:

I was shocked when I came to know that turkey is the fourth largest producer of mine natural stone in the world.
You will be glad that there are lots of opportunities to gaining a huge profit by investing a business of trading or supplying natural mine stone. More than a hundred of varieties of marble, traversing, limestone, slate, basalt, tuff, andesine, diabase, granite and onyx are available in turkey. It owns the 40% of the world reserves of marble.

mine stone

Start a textile business:

It’s a very important industry in turkey, representing almost 10.8% of GDP. You can take advantage to start any textile business or manufacturing industry in turkey. The biggest importers of turkey are European countries and Arabian countries.


Start a Petrochemical Business: This is one of the profitable business ideas you can start in Turkey. Turkey is producing a huge amount of petro chemical in the world, you can start a small industry for making different kind of petrochemical products and export it in the world.

petrol industry

Do you want to visit Turkey ?

Yes if you are planning to visit turkey this year 2019 then this is the right time to visit turkey. It happened good for the Indian and other country travelers that in 2013 turkey government has passed a law in which people can get visa from anywhere in the world. This is very easy online visa system which is paperless e-visa for over 107 nationalities. This visa system is also available for those Indian passport holders who are living in the UK/US/EU and in the other countries around the world. If you have valid visa permanent resident work permit or temporary resident permit from these countries you are then eligible to apply e-visa from anywhere in the world.
These are the 107 countries from where the e-visa can be applied:
1. Afghanistan
2. Algeria
3. Angola
4. Antigua and Barbuda
5. Armenia
6. Australia
7. Austria
8. Bahamas
9. Bahrain
10. Bangladesh
11. Barbados
12. Belgium
13. Benin
14. Bhutan
15. Botswana
16. Burkina Faso
17. Burundi
18. Cambodia
19. Cameroon
20. Canada
21. Cape Verde
22. Central African Republic
23. Chad
24. China
25. Comoros
26. Congo
27. Republic of the Congo
28. The Democratic Republic of the Côte d’Ivoire
29. Croatia
30. Djibouti
31. Dominica
32. Dominican Republic
33. East Timor
34. Egypt
35. Equatorial Guinea
36. Eritrea
37. Estonia
38. Ethiopia
39. Fiji
40. Gabon
41. Gambia
42. Ghana
43. Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus
44. Grenada
45. Guinea
46. Guinea-Bissau
47. Haiti
48. Hong Kong
49. India
50. Indonesia
51. Iraq
52. Ireland
53. Jamaica
54. Kenya
55. Kuwait
56. Latvia
57. Lesotho
58. Liberia
59. Libya
60. Lithuania
61. Madagascar
62. Malawi
63. Maldives
64. Mali
65. Malta
66. Mauritania
67. Mauritius
68. Mexico
69. Mozambique
70. Namibia
71. Nepal
72. Netherlands
73. Niger
74. Nigeria
75. Norway
76. Oman
77. Pakistan
78. Palestine
79. Philippines
80. Poland
81. Portugal
82. Rwanda
83. Saint Lucia
84. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
85. São Tomé and Príncipe
86. Saudi Arabia
87. Senegal
88. Sierra Leone
89. Solomon Islands
90. Somalia
91. South Africa
92. Spain
93. Sri Lanka
94. Sudan
95. Suriname
96. Swaziland
97. Taiwan,
98. Tanzania
99. Togo
100. Uganda
101. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
102. United Kingdom (UK)
103. Vanuatu
104. Vietnam
105. Yemen
106. Zambia,
107. Zimbabwe

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