How to get Canada PR |October 2019

Canada city  urban area

Get Canadian PR – Permanent Residency

Canada nowadays is the most preferred destination for relocation. Situated in the northern part of North America covering 9.98 million square km is the second largest country by its total area. Ottawa is the capital of this country and Toronto is its largest city with English and French as its official languages. The currency use here is CAD ie Canadian Dollar. 1 CAD is equals to 53.50 INR.

Why to choose Canada to settle?

Today Canada is the most popular home for the immigrants from all over the world. Have you ever thought why to choose Canada for permanent residency among so many countries? Well Canada is the country which respects the contributions and individuality of different cultures and is well known multicultural country. Its natural beauty, political stability, strong banking system, education system, healthcare system, international reputation and excellent business opportunities attracts most of the newcomers and people seeking immigration.

Canada has very liberal policy for immigration and it had planned to invite probably one million PR by 2021.

Benefits of Canada PR visa

Canadian PR is valid for 5 years but you can apply for citizenship in few initial years after getting your PR which will lead you to living, working, getting free education anywhere permanently in Canada. Protection against crime under the Canadian law and Canadian Charter of Rights & freedom. Social security benefits as unemployment insurance, subsidy on medication & basic pension is also provided to those immigrants settled in Canada.

Eligibility or basic requirements to acquire the Canadian PR

Canada encourages those applications for permanent residence from people who are with abilities, education and have good work experience so that it could contribute to the Canadian economy. For that few requirements are set by which one can acquire the Canadian PR.

First of all the age of the applicant must be under 45 years of age.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a compulsory standardized language test which is to be conducted in English or French with minimum CLB 7.5 score

Applicant must be a graduate passed with minimum of 50%

Need to have working experience of minimum of 3 to 4 years.

Minimum scores of 67 out of 100 are required in FSW category of EE system.

Medical and PCC is necessary when asked for while the procedure is being conducted.

ECA from any approved authorized assessing authority.

Provisional Nominee Class – PNC

First step before you actually apply for Canadian PR is to first choose the PNC. The provincial and territorial governments chooses the immigrants according to the economic needs of the province or territory. Each of the province and the territory establishes its own standards and processes with the help of which it chooses its nominees and then tries to nominate those candidates who would be most likely to settle effectively into the economic and social life of the respective region.

You can simply apply for PNC only in two steps for which first apply to that province or territory in which you want to settle down and get nominated. After being nominated by the province you must apply for PR. An officer from the team will then assess your application based on Canadian immigration rules for further process and completion.

Expenses to settle in Canada

You must have pre arranged employment in Canada. Unless you don’t have any pre arranged employment then you must be having proper settlement funds of 500000 INR per person and an additional of 150000 INR with each dependent immigrant. The settlement amount varies according to the area one has immigrated to and also depends on the size of the family.

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